Avatar is a freaking REDEMPTION story, you morons!!


If I hear one more person blast Avatar for being an anti-capitalistic, anti-militaristic, pro-nature worshipping, white-people-are-evil-racists movie that isn’t worth anything, I am going to punch them. Inna jimmies. If they don’t have them, it’ll be to the gut.

Seriously. Shut the hell up. All of you. You’re idiots.

This is a film about a dude who’s willing to do whatever it takes, hurt whomever or destroy whatever will get in his way, and doesn’t believe in a thing beyond what he can see, all for selfish reasons, discovering that there is a much wider view of the universe than he has been led to believe, including a God figure that provides not just for the “chosen people”, but any who will follow him. He changes. He sacrifices all that he knows for a better life, a simpler life, and relies on faith when all seems hopeless. And in the end, his example inspires others to do the same. He opposes those who kill and destroy for their own ends.

Are we noticing any parallels here?

Let’s try looking a bit beyond the surface next time, shall we?

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