Undead, Pirates, and Tests of Valor: A Bmatt/Karen Date.

Karen and I had a lovely date last night.

First, we journeyed to a remote little piece of land on the other side of the river. There, we lit a fire. And then some random dude attacked us. I don’t think he expected to face two of us, though, because via teamwork, we fairly easily took him down.

We then journeyed back to the city and informed her superiors of what happened. Apparently, it was all a test for her. The guy who attacked us worked for them too. He then asked us to take this random container full of energy over to the nearby inn and bring the dude back to life. Which she did. After the dude thanked us for resurrecting him (and complaining about never wanting to do that duty again), they taught her how to perform that same ability on her own.

Undaunted at the strangeness that had befallen our evening, I decided to take her on another adventure, exploring a set of old ruined catacombs. I figured we’d learn some history, see some amazing architecture, and have some nice time to ourselves.

Well it would have been a good idea, if it weren’t for the ugly brutes that were running around the catacombs…and the MUMMIES. Ugh. Friggin’ mummies. Well, you know how that goes from there. They attacked us. We fought back. They died. We didn’t. We set about burning the mummy bodies so they couldn’t rise again. It wasn’t a total loss though. The brutes had some strange metallic bars that appeared like they would be worth something, so we started collecting a set of those each. I also spotted a large number of locked burial chests scattered all over the catacombs. Well, you know me and treasure, so I picked the lock on every one of them I could find! After going through about 21 of them and finding nothing but junk, I finally found one with a gold ring in it! I thought, “Oooh, this could prove useful later…hehe”, but then I looked at it, and there was some engraving on it. Turns out, it was stolen from someone we knew. Oh well. It was yellow gold anyway, not a color my dear love would enjoy. We decided to return it to her later that night.

On our way out of the catacombs, we spotted a woman locked in a cage. Apparently the brutes had taken a prisioner. We never did figure out what they were going to do to her, but we decided it didn’t matter anyway. We freed her and helped her escape.

Well that was two attempts at some romantic alone time ruined. Don’t get me wrong, the mass amount of fighting we had done WAS kinda enjoyable, but we were hoping to just have a night of the two of us, you know? So we were a little miffed. There’s only one way to deal with that. We grabbed a couple of friends and raided a pirate-infested mine, destroying any who dared to oppose us! Which was pretty much everyone in there, cause, well, y’know. Pirates do that.

After destroying the leader of the Pirates, and his many minions, we returned back to the city, triumphant, if a bit tired. With a kiss, we bade each other good night.

Oh, and did I mention this date was entirely in World of Warcraft? Heh. I love mah Karen.

    • J
    • June 4th, 2010

    LOL dude I can’t wait till you get to the part about the floating islands that’s my favorite part! oh do hurry so I can relive those days! Enjoy it my man…Enjoy it!!!!

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