I liked it, so I put a ring on it.

What? You wanna know about me being engaged?

Okay fine. I’m engaged. There ya go.

*is mobbed by hordes of angry readers*

Okay okay I’ll talk more about it!! Heheh.

My original plan was to propose on July 3rd. I was going to take Karen to our favorite restaraunt in Lubbock (Orlando’s. If you’re ever in Lubbock, find it and eat there. SO GOOD.), and then shock her by picking up a to-go order. Then we would go back to my hotel, and head out to this little lake that’s next to it, have a picnic, complete with her favorite beverage (which just so happens to be Dublin Dr. Pepper), after which, I would get down on one knee and ask the question.

I should mention that when I first asked her out, it was in said hotel. The first thing we did together as a couple was take a walk around that very lake that I had planned to picnic at. Sort of taking it back to where it all started.

The problem was that the weather decided not to cooperate. It was raining. In fact, it had been raining for the past couple of days, nonstop. And Lubbock…does not have anything remotely resembling a drainage system. So there was flooding. Everywhere. Including my hotel’s parking lots (luckily not the hotel itself).

So instead of our lovely picnic, we ate at the restaraunt itself, and I got some cheesecake to go. Because of said flooding and other extenuating circumstances, I had not had the opportunity to go out and acquire the beverages like I had planned, so I kept Karen in suspense while I drove to the nearest grocery store. She had no idea what was going on, and was surprised we ended up at Walmart. I then told her we were going to have some lovely Dublin Dr. Pepper with our cheesecake desert, upon which she informed me that said specialized Dr. Pepper wasn’t sold this far north. We had to settle for regular, which wasn’t so bad, but I really had no idea it had a limited distribution. I can see now why she was so excited to have it last time she visited me (where it IS sold).

So we ended up going to my hotel, and having a little dessert picnic in my room of cheesecake (with strawberries and whipped cream on the side for her, heh) and Dr. Pepper. By this point, I’m crazy nervous, and I can’t wait a second longer. I pull her to her feet and hold her in my arms. I try to properly express just how much I love this woman, but I’m a nervous wreck. The most articulate thing I managed to get out was “I told you once that I had almost given up on finding love like this again, and then you came along and changed all that. I love you and never want to be with anyone else.” At that point I turned around and opened the drawer where I had hidden the ring. “And that’s why I need to ask you something”. She’s giggling like crazy at this point. I get down on one knee, and I open the box. Now I’m looking at her, she’s giggling like crazy. I had this hilariously cheesy line I had come up with, and I really didn’t think I was actually going to say it. But kneeling there, looking in the face of the woman I love, as she’s completely giddy, my mind totally blanked, and I could think of nothing else. So I came straight out and said “I have this completely cheesy line that I wasn’t sure I was going to say, so I’m going to go ahread and say it. JOIN ME, and together, we shall rule the galaxy as husband and wife!” She falls over laughing. Once we both manage to regain our composure, I said to her “Karen Wilson, will you marry me?”

And she said yes, as you all know by now.

So now you know the real story of our engagement. We’re going to be married! We’re going to build a life together! We’re going to be a family! And I couldn’t be happier.

As far as the wedding goes, we have a tenative date of April 30th, but the details beyond that aren’t really decided yet. We’re not sure where it’s going to be, even. But I’ll let you all know as soon as we do. 😀

    • Lisa Jensen
    • July 12th, 2010

    That brought tears to my eyes! to you both. Mayb the love you share be a rock to you both.



    • David
    • July 12th, 2010

    HOORAY! Awesome story! Even with the weather being bad, it sounds like this is going to be a memorable story for decades to come… I’m so happy for y’all, and I can’t wait to be a part of the chapters of your lives as they unfold… or fold… together with each other!

    One note about the weather… growing up in Lubbock for over 12 years, I know ALL about the non-existant drainage system! Ridiculous!

    Love you guys (Karen, I haven’t met you, but I have to love you, because you’re Brandon’s woman)


    • Samantha Jane
    • July 12th, 2010

    You guys are sooooo cute!

    • Sam
    • July 13th, 2010

    That totally made me cry! I’m so happy for you two. 🙂

  1. LOL Brandon! If I wasn’t at work when I was reading this, I’d be laughing and crying at the same time! You’re a goof and a total sweetheart and I’m glad Karen’s the kind of girl to know how good she’s got it. 🙂

    I hope I get to meet her someday! It sounds like you two make a wonderful couple. 🙂

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