What’s a guy gotta do to Beta-Test something around here??

I want in the Cataclysm beta so badly. I’m watching twitter like a hawk for any beta key contest opportunities.

There’s just so much cool stuff going on in there and I want to get a head start in experiencing it.

I want to test out my level 80s to see which one of them is going to be the “main” when the expansion releases. Right now I’m back and forth on mage or warlock. It’s going to depend on who’s the most “fun” to play.

I want to experience the revamped starter areas. The new Troll one looks absolutely amazing, as does the revamped Tauren one. It’s obvious just from these alone that across the board, they’re trying to put together a more cohesive storyline in every zone, rather than just a series of almost random quests.

We’ve seen so many redone zones with absolutely amazing storylines already in Youtube video previews and sites like wow.com and mmo-champion. Stranglethorn Vale by itself looks incredible, and moves the story from the Zul’gurub raid forward as well. Stonetalon Mountains used to be a quiet and sleepy little zone with not much going on. Now it’s an epic warzone. Thousand Needles is underwater with random ships in the middle of the former Shimmering Flats, and it’s not yet finished, so we’ve no idea what’s going on there. I want to explore these places, and watch them evolve as the beta continues on.

I want to play with the new race/class combos, I admit it. I’m something of an altoholic as it is, and the idea of new possibilities for characters is exciting to me, especially since two of my classes at 80, the druid and the warlock, will be opened up to my favorite race, the Trolls.

And yeah, I want to check out the questing in the new 80-85 content and the instances as well. Yes, I’ll see all of this once the game is released. I admit I love the idea of having a “head start” on the vast majority of the playerbase. When Cata comes out, I’ll have an idea of what to do and where to go already. But I’ll also have that knowledge ahead of time that I can use to help my guildies get stuff done.

And really, the purpose of the Beta is to test the game and make sure everything is working. If I can do something to help that out by participating, I’m all for it. I want to help.

So yeah. I want in the Beta, pretty badly. I thought I’d write down exactly why, for my own thoughts if for nothing else. Thanks for indulging.

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