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Set in Stone.

Hi folks.

If you’re wondering where I’ve been…most of my free time has been spent planning the wedding and trying to spend as much time (real or virtual) with my fiance as possible! Playing World of Warcraft together has been amazing fun. It’s something we can do together while still being 5 hours away from each other. And she’s turning into quite the good Protection Paladin as well, heh. I’m quite proud of her and how much she’s learned.

I’m really excited about how much is starting to come together in the wedding. The venue and date are set in stone. April 30th, 2011, at the Baker Building in Lubbock Texas, the woman of my dreams and I will become husband and wife. Her dress is picked out and bought (and she still won’t let me see it. Merf). I’m going to have the three coolest guys in the world at my side when it happens. And the man who led me to Christ and was such a huge influence on my life in those early years will (tenatively) be officiating. I know there’s still a lot to take care of, but it’s amazing to see it take shape. I can’t wait.

It’s kinda funny to admit this, given my interest in gaming, but I’ve never owned a current-generation console. That is…until now. Last weekend, I finally purchased an Xbox 360. I know that’s probably a surprise to many folks who’ve heard me endlessly say I was leaning towards a PS3, but a lot of consideration later, I made the choice to pick up this really sweet bundle from Sam’s Club. A limited edition Silver console and 2 controllers…all decorated in Halo: Reach motifs. Plus Halo: Reach itself. I’ve always been a huge Halo fan, as has my lovely fiance, so this pretty much sealed it. Plus I have a number of really good friends who are on Xbox Live as well.

As to the factors that were causing me to lean PS3, let me respond to those.
1. Blu-Ray Player. Okay yeah, the PS3 has been regarded as one of the best Blu-Ray players on the market. But I don’t own any Blu-Ray discs. And i buy movies very infrequently anyway, having Netflix. I can stream a lot of stuff (through the Xbox as well!) and what I can’t, I can get on DVD.

2. PS3 exclusive titles. Yeah, there are some really great ones. God of War 3, Uncharted 2, I can go on. But there are some equally amazing ones on the 360,. Halo Reach being one of them. Plus there are plenty of amazing titles that are cross platform. I won’t be hurting for stuff to play, that’s for certain.

3. PS3 online is free, while Xbox Live costs money. Yeah, this was my huge sticking point. But after looking at the overall cost, it’s not as awful as I thought. The increase in the annual cost might be problematic, but it really is not that huge a cost, and I can simply not renew the subscription next year if I don’t want to pay that. I purchased my first year before the cost increase took effect, so I’m good for a while.

I’m loving Halo Reach. The game is graphically gorgeous, the single player campaign is quite compelling (what little I’ve seen of it thus far), and I can’t wait to try a little multiplayer with my guildmates! Full review will come later.

If you’re on Xbox Live, I’m TheBmatt. If it’s not obvious from your gamertag, please tell me who you are when ya send the request!