NaBloPoMo. Say THAT six times fast.

So it’s apparently National Blog Posting Month. Or as the website calls it…”NaBloPoMo”. No I’m not making that up.

Basically, it’s a challenge to update your blog every day for a month. So I think I’ll try to participate. They actually have writing prompts up if you don’t know what to post, and today’s sounds interesting, so I’ll go for that one.

The prompt is “Tell us the story of a piece of jewelry you own. Where did it come from, and what does it mean to you?

Well I don’t own many pieces of Jewelry. I have a few rings, but I don’t wear them often because they tend to annoy me after a while. I’m going to have to get over this when I get married, of course, but for now, I don’t wear them a lot.

I had a necklace that I wore a lot back in high school. It was designed to look like a bottlecap with “God Rules” engraved on it. It actually became something of a symbol of mine then, which is kinda funny given that my Christianity wasn’t actually “real” for a good portion of it. I have no idea what happened to that thing though.

I have some recreated WWII dogtags that I had made for an art project of my friend David Butler. He’s a huge war history buff, as well as an incredible artist, and I took part in a reenactment he staged of a WWII infantry squad. The tags were part of the costume, as well as a takeaway piece to remind us of the good times we all had. I don’t wear them, but they are hanging up in my room.

I think perhaps the item with the most amusing story to it would be my replica Blue Lantern ring. Okay, if you’re not a comic fan, you have no idea who the Blue Lanterns are. If you’re a modest comic fan, you might know who Green Lantern is, but the Blue Lanterns are a mystery to ya. More hardcore comic fans will recognize them, I bet.

The basic idea is that there exists a spectrum of emotion. Each emotion’s “power” creates light in one of the colors of the visible light spectrum. Each color of light has a group of “Lanterns” who harness that light and use it for the group’s own ends, be they good or evil. The Green Lanterns light is based on Willpower, a “neutral” emotion (since their color is in the middle of the spectrum). They use their light to bring order to the galaxy, essentially serving as a well-recognized galactic police force. Further “up” the specturm, where Red, Orange, and Yellow are, you get the negatively-associated emotions of Rage, Avarice, and Fear, respectively. Futher down to Blue, Indigo, and Violet, the emotions of Hope, Compassion, and Love are tied, respectively.

I won’t go further in to the details of each Corps, but the basic deal is that each of them uses a ring to project their light’s power, and these rings have a set charge, which is used up as they use the ring. To recharge their ring, they summon a battery, which looks like a lantern, and recite an oath, unique to their corps, proclaiming their mission and the like.

One day while I was shopping in Hastings, I found some plastic replicas of each of the different color rings. I got a blue one for myself (blue is my favorite color, and as Christ has given me the greatest source of hope, it seemed apropos), and decided that a violet ring would be ideal for Karen.

So I took her ring to her apartment, and acted as though I was a Blue Lantern myself, and that I had been appointed to induct her into the Violet Lantern organization (which is called the Star Sapphires). I even pulled up their “oath” and got her to say it out loud! She loved it.

Happily, months later, I got her another ring that would symbolize love: mine for her and hers for me. I am still thrilled that such a beautiful woman loves me, despite, or even because of, my geekiness!!

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