In the Doghouse? Me? Yus!

If you know me at all, you’re probably familiar with a company called Doghouse Systems. I bought a gaming laptop from them some time ago, but I’d been talking with the owner for a while before that.  We met when his company did a big advertising push with Scott Johnson’s “The Instance” podcast, which at the time I was an active contributor to. We’d talked about what his company was going, and I gave him some ideas he might consider looking into, like having an actual laptop line.

I’ve met up with John and some of his other employees before. We’ve gotten together for lunch on a few occasions, talked on the phone several times, and the one thing I feel about these guys is that they’re real. They love gaming, and they love putting together systems that make PC games look incredible. And they go above and beyond to help people, not just their own customers. If you have a hardware question on a PC that isn’t a Doghouse, they will do their best to help if they can (and usually they can!). Personal example, John told me about a couple of tools to determine what kind of RAM I needed to buy for my desktop. That wasn’t a DHS machine, either. So, yeah, I really believe in this company. They’re real people, folks who’re legit about their gaming love and PC hardware. They want to be a part of that kind of community. People like that, I can respect.

So in order to connect with the established gamer community and to start building their own part of it, they started a podcast. Not about just their products, about hardware in general. What’s good, what works well together, sharing benchmarks, how to do upgrades and test your improvements, that sort of thing. Over time it’s evolved into covering new PC releases in depth, discussing overclocking, answering listener submissions, and the like.

The problem they have is consistency. The podcast could go anywhere between two weeks and four months between updates. Twitter updates became fewer and further between. Facebook page updates suffered similarly.

This is completely understandable. They’re a small but growing company. The word’s getting out and more folks are getting impressed by what they have to offer. So needless to say, they’re busy as heck!

But they really wanted to stay with this, to be more consistent in their offerings, and to continue being a part of the wider gaming community in the web.

And that’d be where I come in. Myself and a gent named Jeff Baender.

Jeff, like me, digs what DHS is trying to build. He’s been contributing his insane amount of knowledge concerning overlocking, benchmarking, and hardware knowledge in general to their forums and the podcast.

So John and the DHS guys have asked us for help. We’re now both fulltime cohosts of the Doghouse podcast. Jeff will bring his knowledge, and I’ll bring my organizational skills and gaming enthusiasm! I’ll be preparing shownotes and researching possible topics for the show. Jeff and I will also be collaborating on a new gaming review segment called Left and Right Brain that will be featured every other podcast episode, as well as having a place for it on the web. And there’s lots more ideas we have for how we can help that aren’t ironed out yet, but we’re working on them!

I’ll also have access to their Twitter and Facebook accounts as well, to get more postings out there to the fans and greater community.

So yeah, I’m incredibly stoked about this. I can’t wait to see where it goes, and to have some of my own content out there for you guys to check out. So keep an eye on Doghouse Systems on Facebook and Twitter, and if you’re into PC gaming and hardware, give the podcast a listen over. I think you’ll dig it, I really do.

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