You know, they say idle hands are the Devil’s workshop.

I can see, in my own life, how that can be true. But I think, for me at least, there’s a more true version of that statement: “Idle eyes are the Devil’s Workshop”.

See, I’m the kind of person who has to focus on something, observing and/or learning it. I’m a very visual person (ironic given my eyesight is so bad), and if I have to stare at something that just isn’t very compelling to look at, I tend to get bored and seek out something that does.  This gets me in trouble sometimes. It can take me away from something that I’m supposed to be working on. It can create friction when I’m somewhere I simply do not want to be, and it makes me angry. And it can turn my thoughts to dark places that I should know better, because God has overcome so much of that crap in me already.

So much of the things I truly believe God designed me to love so much have that double-edged quality. In moderation and when appropriate, they are truly good things, but too much and they take me away from people or things I need to give my attention to.

Anyone else have this particular quality to them? Let me know, we can pray for each other.

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