A few random things on my mind lately…

Karen and I have a new apartment! ^.^ Right now there’s not much in it but a bunch of random things I’ve unloaded over there today. I’ll take some photos and post em here and Facebook once it gets a wee bit more decorated. Shouldn’t take too long, Karen and I are shopping for furniture this weekend. Oh yes, did I mention I get to see her again?  Yay!

Speaking of Karen, in all the time we’ve dated long-distance, we never have done a Skype video chat until last night. What the heck? Can you believe it? I think it’s because when we first started dating, she was still in college and didn’t have a headset or a webcam. And then she was working nights so much. It’s only been recently she  got a laptop with one, and I bought her a headset when she started playing WoW.  Last week on our “WoW date” she was having trouble with Vent, so we got on Skype. Hearing everything going on around each other was hilarious. Then last night we were talking on the phone, and my battery ran out, so we got on Skype…and proceeded to stay up until nearly midnight videochatting. I can’t believe we never did this before, but we’ve got 2 months or so until the wedding, so we’ve got a little more opportunity, heh.

Also, if having Karen here this weekend wasn’t awesome enough…Daniel Cazac’s in town, so we’re gonna hang out with him for a bit too.

I’m seeing a rash of my friends abandoning WoW, mostly for the forthcoming Rift I’ve discussed before. It’s kind of weird that I don’t feel the same desire, but stopping raiding has opened up a lot of new dimensions in the game for me, so I’m not ready to fully jump ship yet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still gonna play Rift, for the Doghouse podcast if nothing else, I just thought the phenomenon was noteworthy.

My Godson apparently figured out how to turn the TV and the Wii on. He hasn’t quite gotten the hang of playing games yet, but he knows you gotta shake the Wiimote a bunch.  His fifth birthday present’s gonna be a Troll Warrior of his own from his Godfather.

I record another episode of the Anecdotalist podcast tomorrow. You should listen. And submit stories. Anecdotalistpodcast.wordpress.com, or there’s a link over there to the left.  Go subscribe, durnit!

I’m gonna be a husband in 67 days. ^.^

Karen is kicking my butt in Words with Friends on the iPhone. I plan on retaliating by kicking hers at You Don’t Know Jack on the 360!

Okay, I’m done. Back to work. Later!

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