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Initial thoughts on the acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney and a new Star Wars film

  • I’m fine with Disney being the one who buys Lucasfilm. They made awesome Marvel films, they can make this film amazing too.
  • The big question is when the film is set in relation to other Star Wars movies. The original cast is all too old to reprise their roles, so you either have to recast them or set it far into the relative future so new characters can be used.
  • The other giant elephant in the room is the Star Wars Expanded Universe, the novels, games, and comics that have filled in and expanded the Star Wars timeline. I’ve heard it bandied about that Lucas considers all things not-movie to be “an alternate universe”. To that, I call bullshit. Lucasfilm’s various subsidiaries all publish that content. Do you really expect me to believe that he would say that and risk killing the sales? I mean, would YOU keep buying Star Wars books/comics if they weren’t “real Star Wars” stories? I wouldn’t. Why would Lucas allow and willingly publish an entire timeline of events, in many cases which that go out of their way to eliminate supposed contradictions, only to say “Yeah this is all not the real Star Wars story”? I don’t buy it, at all. And one way or another, it will mean reduced money for them, which is bad.
  • So our options which don’t involve the above becoming a reality are “Do something in the established-in-the-EU timeline and recast the actors” or “Set it in a time way after the characters we know are gone”. I’m personally fine with either option there.
  • My big fear is that the EU will be declared an alternate universe, and this will be a much bigger deal because of the publicity of the movie, so if that DOES happen it will be impossible to avoid seeing it. If that happens, it will leave a horrible sour taste in my mouth concerning the film. I’ll probably still see it, of course, but man is it going to have to be fantastic to get over the built in prejudice I’ll have against it.¬†Will those of you who have a decent amount of Expanded Universe stuff still want to keep it if it’s all declared non-canon? I don’t know if I will. For some reason it just seems not as worthwhile to me if that’s going to happen.
  • Leia is now my favorite Disney Princess. Heh.

More to come here as the details come out.