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Supervillainy can solve problems too!

The recent political happenings regarding SB5 and the Supreme Court decision on DOMA have sparked up an old D&D idea I once had.

I came up with what I thought was an absolutely great idea for a villain. He’s presented by whatever authority the players are working with as some sort of evil wizard plotting to perform a ritual that will cause a mass disaster or summon some sort of undefeatable monster that will end the world, you get the idea. The PCs would slowly work at chipping away his organization, who are working to steal components or kidnapping people for the ritual/summoning/what-have-you until ultimately coming face-to-face with the dastardly fiend.

And this is where things take a turn. The person they’ve been chasing down is not some evil mastermind who wants to cause chaos and death at all. He’s actually tired of it and is working to try to end suffering. The ritual he’s been working on is actually designed to generate a powerful worldwide empathic field that would link every human (or sentient if this is your typical multi-race fantasy world) together emotionally. Anybody who caused pain and suffering to another person would instantly feel their hurt as though it was their own…and so would everyone else. No one could ever be blind or willfully ignorant of other people’s feelings again. Wars would end overnight and people would work on a global level to stop suffering from disease and hunger. A new utopia would result.

Thus a moral dilemma ensues for the PCs. Do they continue to undermine and stop his plan? Or do they turn and support him, ensuring that his dream is fulfilled and live in the new Utopia he envisions?

I’ve never been able to actually run this game for anyone (yet) but this recent political battle(s) have me thinking about it yet again. Were I some sort of comic-supervillain-level genius like Lex Luthor or the Leader, I’d be very strongly considering building a technological version of this empathic field right now. Because maybe it would render politics and stupid fights like this completely¬†irrelevant¬†and maybe, just maybe, we could finally solve some actual human problems and actually start loving and caring for each other

Or we might have mass suicides because people wouldn’t be able to cope with the sudden influx of feelings they’d be suddenly experiencing. I have no idea.