Top 10 list number 3

BIG SHOCKING DISCLAIMER: This list will actually not be ordered 1-10. This is because I tried for a long time to order it, but found out I simply could not do it. I love all of these shows a whole lot, trying to order them simply wasn’t working.

So instead I will present this list in alphabetical order

Top 10 favorite non-animated TV shows, in no particular order


Battlestar Galactica (re-imagined series)

Brilliant sci-fi series, amazingly well acted, with a sometimes convoluted but always interesting story, Battlestar Galactica made many of it’s actors (notably Katee Sackhoff and the always amazing Edward James Olmos) household names, at least among the sci-fi geek crowd, and proved to everyone that good sci-fi could exist. I loved the story, the epic space battles, and the characters. A great series all around, and if you like sci-fi at all, you should watch it.



Starring Angel and New Girl’s cuter sister, Bones is a Procedural based around a Forensic Anthropologist contracted by the FBI to investigate crimes surrounding murder victims too decomposed for normal forensics to work. Emily Deschanel’s Brennan is brilliant but socially awkward, while David Boreanez’s Booth is a streetwise cop with no idea of what his partner says half the time. The Drama here is compelling, but the characters and their interplay with each other is what makes this show great. Booth and Brennan take the Unresolved Sexual Tension trope and run with it, as do Jack Hodgins and Angela Montenegro. The science here isn’t always the best (mostly surrounding technology) but the show is still great fun to watch, especially as the characters develop and change based on their experiences.



Um, let’s see here. Nathan Fillion, and his usual amazing array of acting chops, gets paired up with the talented and HOT AS HELL Stana Katic in another odd-couple style police procedural? Okay, yes I admit I have a slight weakness for those, but COME ON these two are brilliant on screen together. The stories are always compelling, the writing is top notch, and the show has a ton of pop cultural references, including many to Fillion’s past work on Firefly. I love this show, and I can’t wait for the next season.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who

Oh you HAD to know everyone’s favorite Time Lord was going to show up here. I got into Doctor Who late in the game, not long before Tennant was to give up the role to Matt Smith, but I have been completely addicted since I decided to watch it that fateful day on Netflix. This show is brilliant, and it’s just as much due to the work of the performers and the writers as it is the sheer enjoyment of being part of the Doctor Who fandom. I’m personally a David Tennant fan, but I’ve enjoyed Matt Smith’s run in the role as well. I can’t wait to see the two of them team up in November. It’s going to be amazing. Peter Capaldi’s about to step into the TARDIS, and the more I read about him, the more I think it’s still a great time to be a Whovian.



Big shocker right? Everyone loves this show, and why not? Done by Joss Whedon, featuring an amazing cast, putting the western-scifi genre blend in the forefront of everyone’s mindset (soooo much of Starcraft 2’s Terran Campaign is built on this awesomeness), this show has done some amazing things despite Fox canceling it, something I’m sure they’re constantly kicking themselves for. They should be!  So what’s everyone’s favorite line? Mine’s the classic “One of you is gonna fall, and die, and I am NOT cleaning it up!”



This one was a bit of a sleeper hit on the TNT network. It featured a team of 5 thieves, each experts in their specialty, put together to execute a con on an entire corporation that supposedly stole their newest product from their client. Turns out the client is the thief, and they were scammed into committing the crime. The group bands together to not only take back the stolen plans, but ruin the man who deceived them all. They find they actually enjoyed helping their original victim, and so stay together to help the hard luck cases, the ones screwed over by rich corporations or individuals and have no power to fight back. It’s essentially an entire show of “Ocean’s 11”-style cons, and it’s brilliant. The acting is top notch, the show has some of the BEST written characters to ever grace a TV screen, and it’s just fun to watch. Highly recommend if you haven’t seen it. Ended far too soon after 5 seasons, but well worth your time.



Because SCIENCE! Learning is always a good thing, and learning the facts, even when we supposedly just KNOW  the right answer, is something I feel everyone should shoot for. Mythbusters is all about that. They take different myths every week and prove them true or false. Many have claimed the show deviates too much from the pure scientific method, but at its core, the show encourages viewers to never take something for granted, always a good thing. It doesn’t hurt that more than half the time, the testing involves something going boom, right? Adam and Jamie are a couple of my heroes, and I thoroughly enjoy getting to watch them work.



I’ve been watching this show for years, and I love every second of it. It’s an obvious enough concept, take a police procedural from the perspective of a military police organization, (In this case, the Navy) but we all know what makes this show special: the strength of its characters and the writers/actors behind them. As the show has gone on, the storylines have gotten a bit more outlandish with every season, but you know what? I don’t really care. I could watch this show for years to come. I’m a bit sad that the lovely Cote de Pablo is departing, but I have faith that the show will endure being great.



Who knew that a show that has only been 6 episodes long (as of this writing) would be so utterly amazing? That’s right, 6. Two series of 3 hour and a half episodes each. As you can imagine, the show’s a modern day take on Sherlock Holmes, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Yes, that’s right, Khan and Bilbo Baggins team up to solve cases. Any show starring those two is going to be fantastic, but the show backs it up with some incredible writing and the ability to draw you in and care about the characters in just 6 episodes. Seriously, you’ll be thinking “What, that’s it? Where’s the rest of it?” Doesn’t help that Series 2 ended on an awful cliffhanger either. Come on Series 3, hurry the heck up!!


Star Trek: DS9

That’s right. Screw you, haters! DS9 is the best Star Trek series made so far. Yeah that’s right. Better than TNG, and WAY better than the original series. Sure, I get that TOS paved the way for Star Trek and science fiction, but guess what? It’s gotten better since, way better, and while we should be thankful for it, we should never lie to ourselves that it was the best. Not even close. DS9 is amazing. It did the best job at examining modern day issues in a futuristic setting, it consistently had better characters and writing, and it featured an overarching plot about a war that gave us some awesome space battle scenes. Plus Avery Brooks’ Sisko is the only captain badass enough to punch Q in the face. You never saw him come back to bother the DS9 crew again, did you? Nope. Picard and Janeway had to deal with him multiple times. Sisko wasn’t taking that garbage.

All right, so there’s my list of Top Ten TV shows! Sorry I am way late with this….other things in life just kept getting in the way.

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    Brandon’s response to my top 10 TV show list. Check it out! He’s got some great suggestions! 🙂

  2. Well, you know I prefer TNG to DS9, but it *was* a good series in and of itself. I just never got into it as much as TNG or Voyager.

    I like your list! I’ve heard of all of them except for Leverage. I thought about putting Mythbusters on the show, but I don’t think I’ve seen a full season of the show, just several different episodes here and there on Netflix. It is a pretty awesome show, though! You gotta love a show where they just *look* for a way to blow things up! 🙂

    I’m about to post my first 3 part video game post, so don’t think you’ll get much of a break! 😀

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