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Stuffed animals for Amelie

So, not going to talk about Amelie’s journey in the hospital here, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already seen the Facebook or Twitter posts detailing her progress.

Suffice to say, she was supposed to come home today, but it’s going to happen tomorrow instead. We are sad, but we know that good things come and all that.

In this particular post, I want to make you all aware of something!

My baby girl has a LOT of stuffed animals right now. A lot. Most of them were mine or Karens when we were younger. There’s my Alvin (from Alvin and the Chipmunks), Karen’s Teddy Bear Judge Scotty, a stuffed Eagle named “SKREE!” that we got from the Texas State Fair, more monkeys than we can shake a stick at, even a couple of super heroes I won for her at Dave and Busters!

Suffice to say, we got a buuuuunch.

But there are some others that I’d like to have for her. Geeky ones!

If you’re of a mindset to get my baby girl a stuffed animal, I’d really like it if you got her one of these! Most of them can be found on, but you can also occasionally see them in various stores.

So here goes!


Because every girl needs a pony

I’ve seen these ┬áin all kinds of stores, most recently a consignment shop called “Kid-to-Kid” in South Arlington. They look awesome. And I know my little girl is gonna grow up watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with her parents, so having one for her would be adorable! Now the question is, which one! If it was for Karen it’d be Pinkie Pie in a heartbeat, but Amelie might be a Rarity or Twilight kind of girl. Who knows!



Who knew a sentient blob of fat could be so cute?

Adipose are sentient blobs of fat from the Doctor Who episode “Partners in Crime”. In it, an Alien was trying to help repopulate a world, so she engineered a drug that would convert human fat into, well, this. She then sold it as a weight loss pill to us unsuspecting humans. The problem was, it worked a bit too well, and the process tended to convert….entire humans. The Doctor stopped the alien, but her clients did come to collect the Adipose children, who weren’t really malicious, being cute babies and all. They seemed to rather like their human surrogate parents! I think Amelie would enjoy the little guy!



Saving the galaxy, when you’re not cuddling with them

I got two of these for my Godsons! I love them! My little kidbot’s gotta have one! I like the AT-AT walker myself, but they’re all really cute!



Target Acquired!

The turrets from Portal 2 are a lovely mishmash of cute and terrifying! But seeing as how this one probably won’t try to kill anyone, it’s just cute! Amelie already gets called a kidbot, she needs a robot friend!



Bantha, Wampa, Rancor, and Tauntaun!

We love Star Wars! Amelie will too! Right? Well if not, she can at least have a critter from the films to cuddle with!



Zombie on your lawn? Gotcha covered!

LOOKIT THEM THEY’RE CUTE! And they have the added bonus of being proven Zombie protection. We gotta keep our girl safe from Zombies right?



The world’s cutest Elder God. He might devour your soul….after naptime

If you aren’t familiar with the works of writer H.P. Lovecraft, you might not know who or what Cthulhu is. Basically, Lovecraft wrote cosmic horror, featuring entities that were so terrifyingly powerful and above human concepts of good and evil, things which considered us as we considered ants. Cthulhu was one of the central entities featured in his works, and has become a fairly popular character on the Internet. This little guy probably doesn’t need to be summoned by insane cultists, just by a little one who wants a hug. It may not drive you insane or attempt to consume your very being, but I bet he’ll give good hugs!


8. ZERG!

Transforms from Zergling to Baneling! But never away from adorable!

The Terrans of the Koprulu Sector might be scared to see a Zerg, but I’m betting Amelie will be very happy to play with her little cuddle bugs! Let’s just hope the Baneling doesn’t decide to explode on her. I’m guessing that won’t wash out.



The Weighted Companion Cube will accompany you through the test chamber and generally be adorable and squishy

It’s your best friend in the test chamber! And you never have to incinerate it! And when the testing is over it will enjoy cake with you! Okay maybe not that last part. Maybe Amelie won’t be subject to the eerie terror of the test chambers or GLaDOS, but she still needs a lovable companion! Who says it can’t be the cube?



GRAAAAARRRWWAAAGH means I love you in Shyriiwook!

Best protectors in the galaxy! Once they swear a life-debt to you, they’ll protect you from anything, including monsters under the bed or in the closet! Amelie won’t need protecting (she’s a warrior princess!) but she might need a furry best friend to watch her back!