Stuff I learned at NT14

Things I learned at NT14

I could go on and on about what an amazing event Nerdtacular 2014 was, but I’ve gone every year since the second one (me and Jeff Syer are neck and neck for who’s gonna keep the streak alive, you’re goin’ DOWN, Canadian!) and I end up gushing about it to whomever will listen both afterwards and as the next one draws closer.

So today I’m gonna talk about what was new this year for me. Stuff I learned that I didn’t know previously. New people I met that I’d never met before. New podcasts I’m trying as a result. Ready? Here goes.

1. It really is not a good idea to stay anywhere but the Cliff Lodge.

Snowbird has 4 different hotel buildings where people can book rooms. The Cliff Lodge can be considered the “main” one because not only is it the largest, but it’s also where the Nerdtacular festivities all take place. The rooms are pretty standard hotel faire, though they do include a Jacuzzi, which is nice.

However, a decent walk down the hill will get you too the next closest building, known simply as “The Lodge”. A few of our friends stayed there last year, opting to save money on Snowbird’s food prices (which are exorbitant by normal standards, and probably the only black mark on Snowbird as a venue for Nerdtacular), by buying groceries and using the kitchen that Lodge rooms come standard with to cook their own food. We decided we would do this same thing this year.

It didn’t quite work out that way, for a number of reasons. It’s a long walk to and from the Cliff Lodge, and you essentially end up feeling isolated from everyone. But worse than that, The Lodge has no air conditioning. At all. I was aghast. This is not a mistake we will be repeating, and I encourage you not to either.


2. Justin Robert Young and Brian Brushwood are friggin’ hilarious and I’m kinda dumb for not subbing to a couple of their shows sooner

Okay, this is probably not new. But after attending the FSL Tonight panel and hearing stories about the Night Attack panel from those who attended, I decided to subscribe to both podcasts. They are amazingly funny. I’ve no idea how I’m going to fit them into my listening schedule, as I am already prone to get way behind on the shows I currently am subscribed to, but I’m going to give it a try at least.

Sidenote: Yes I know Tom Merritt is on FSL, but I already listen to 3 Tom Shows, so I already knew how awesome he is!


3. Being a part of the Battle of the Frogpants Allstars was awesome and nervewracking

The whole time i’m on stage all I can think is “don’t pick your nose, don’t pick your nose”. Seriously, the altitude was giving me some very minor nosebleeds, which tended to dry up in my nose and itch.

Seriously, I had a lot of fun, even though I felt like I was not contributing much to my team. I just knew very very few answers to what Brian asked us, and Justin was just droppin answers non stop! It just comes down to luck more than anything, because I watched the match between the other two teams and felt like I knew almost every answer! But, that’s the nature of the trivia game!

Next year, assuming the fan spots in the teams are offered again, I definitely want to give it another go!


4. Everyone really does love a cute baby.

I think Amelie was the real star of NT14. Everyone loved her, and she seemed like she had a great time. Well, until one Scott Johnson tried to say hi to her. NOPE NOPE NOPE ALL THE TEARS WILL BE SHED. Now the rest of the Johnson family? She loved them, Kim in particular.

Random sidenote: What do you guess happens when you take a ridiculously handsome gent like Reggie, mix with the absolutely drop dead beautiful Dana, and make a kid from the result? Yeah. Their daughter was adorable, and I loved meeting her.

Still, all that said, I don’t think we’ll be bringing her next year. She needs to be in a little better sleep routine and Nerdtacular’s not quite condusive to that sort of thing, especially when both parents want to be running around playing all the games!


5. Every year I meet a lot of new people who are really awesome, but there’s usually a couple that result in pretty close friendships afterwards.

I’ve no idea who that will be this year, obviously, but a big giant shoutout to everyone I met this year, and I hope I talk to you all many more times before Nertacular 2015! Because you’re all awesome. Believe in the NERDS.

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