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Dun….dun dun dun…..dun dun dun….DANANANANANANA!

Back…in black. Or possibly blue. In fact, I’m wearing blue as I type this, but Back in Blue doesn’t really have the same feeling to it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll wear something black and then blog again, then it might work. I digress.

Waco. After a month and a half without it, I gotta tell ya it was fun to go back. I got to see a lot of people I hadn’t seen in ages. And plenty of people I had seen in ages too, of course.

Friday night was me and Chris grabbin’ some food, hanging out, waiting for Josh to pull in from his trip overseas. By the way, now that he’s back, I can tell you he was in China and Thailand, working with a long term team over there. Anyway, after we got food we met Jacob and Joseph at a snowcone place, the name of which escapes me. We were going to rent a movie, but we couldn’t come to any agreement on one, until I stumbled upon “Unbreakable” which I had never seen. Joseph was insistent that Chris had mentioned having that one at the D-house already, so we just headed back with the intention of seeing that one. Chris informed us that we were mistaken, he said they had “Invincible”. After much groaning and laughter, we ended up watching SOMETHING, but I can’t remember what. I know it wasn’t Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 or One Night With the King, because both of those got watched on Saturday. However, I am completely blanking out. Darn it.

At any rate, Josh eventually did show up. Myself, Chris, Lee, and Smith were all outside waiting on him, (and I think Drew was there too, blasted useless memory) and when he pulled up, we all agreed that we would pretend we were engrossed in a story and not notice him at all. Worked pretty well, and Josh, probably confused, just went on inside. At which point we of course followed him back in, laughing and all.

Saturday, I hung out with Josh and Gino at lunch, Kyle joined us later, and we headed over to his place to catch up. After that, Josh had a date planned with Angie, so I hung out downstairs with Drew as he prepared to leave Waco forever for Portland, Oregon. Yes, it’s true, the time of Drew in Waco has ended. Tis’ a sad day. He left Sunday and should be well on his way there as I type this. At any rate, we ordered some pizza and watch TMNT 2 that night. Chris and Joseph showed up later when they got off work and then we saw One Night with the King, which is actually a very good film I think, a dramatic retelling of the Biblical story of Esther.

Sunday was Church (sermon on the power of a Father for Father’s day and all), and then we all grabbed food on our own and met up back at the house (most people ironically enough got Bush’s Chicken), where none other than Ted Murray showed up with Drew. Man, I missed Ted. He cracks me up. He and Drew together are best described as “a riot”. After everyone headed out, I went and got some ice cream with Chris, Josh, Angie, and Mindy. Cold Stone is very good, and it had been too long since I had it. However, they seem to have gotten rid of the Cinnamon ice cream. I WILL NOT TOLERATE SUCH AN INJUSTICE!! When we got back, it was getting to be about the time I should head back home, when Drew called Smith and invited him and myself to a little get together at his place. And he then uttered the magic word: Halo. Oh yeah, now we’re kickin’ it old school. And it definitely felt like the old KSG days when Andy and Justin were there. The repeated sucking of Brandon also felt just like old times. I got back into a semi-groove soon enough. Makes me wonder if I should get an Xbox360 for some Halo 3 love.

Then I drove home, after the Bellmead Wendy’s lost my order, with a headache the whole time. Not fun. Also when I got home, our internet connection was still very unstable and the phones were dead again. This has been happening a lot over the past few days. It goes through periods where nothing will be wrong, everything will be superfast, and then it will just have skyrocketing latency. I can’t maintain any sort of a connection to World of Warcraft, downloading any podcasts becomes impossible, and loading pages takes forever, and usually times out. Unacceptable! Thankfully someone is coming out to look at the phone line, hopefully getting that fixed will also solve the lag issues.

Well, I guess that’s it from me. I’m being told I must come down on the 4th of July for those 5 days I have off (the last of which includes my 24th birthday), so I might be back as soon as then. Someone at some point is going to have to see Transformers with me if that happens!!

Back to work, and back to lolkittehs.


Happy New Year

2006 is come and gone. May 2007 bring you all joy, happiness, prosperity, and closer ever more to Jesus Christ and the Father.

I spent the day with Kat and her family, since it was her birthday and all. Met her new boyfriend, one Jo(h)n Morgan (hope I spelled that right) as well. Very cool guy. We all went to Dave and Busters for some good lunch and good arcade fun. I embarrassed the crap out of myself by handing Heather 4 points in air hockey. I ate a massive double cheeseburger and some delicious cheesecake for desert. We all ended up with a bunch of tickets which we redeemed for some nifty prizes. The girls got some cool glasses (the drinking kind, not the seeing) among other things (like Heather’s new pepper grinder). Mine…well…I’ll show that to you later in picture form. You’ll either think it’s awesome or you’ll groan, depends. After that, we headed back to Kat’s for cake (an ice cream cake from Cold Stone creamery, HIGHLY RECOMMEND for the record) and her presents. Got her a copy of Wild at Heart for Christmas and a gift card to Mardel’s for her birthday. She got me an awesome lookin’ long sleeve shirt for Christmas. She also ended up with vast amounts of Play-dough and a chicken hat for her birthday. Yeah, a chicken hat. I really wish my pictures turned out better, because that really just needs to be seen to believe it. Hilarious.

Low-key New Year’s Eve, Mom and I made some queso and watched a little of Dick Clark’s NY Eve. Poor guy. He has to really struggle to be understood now, after he’s had his stroke.

Well, tomorrow (rather later today) I’m supposedly meeting up with Josh and Richard before the former heads back to Waco (with his fiance Angie too I believe), so I need to get some sleep. Back to my normal work schedule after that. Later gang, and good night.

Technician 4th Class Brandon Matthews, 82nd Airborne Infantry

EDIT: The picture should now actually allow you to click it to view the full size now.

So, I imagine you’re all wondering how the weekend went down. As most of you are no doubt aware, From The Trenches went on another reenactment this past weekend, where a group of army Rangers (and one airborne infantryman who got misdroped) trudged their way through a French forest and cleared it of Nazi resistance.

Well, given that the results of that project are still being finished up, I can’t exactly show ya much at this point. I do however, have this little preview for ya. Click it!

There shall be more forthcoming. Much more, I promise.

In other news, it’s Monday. And it’s not starting off well. There was yet another example of human incompetence on 820 this morning, causing HUGE backups and me to be late to work again. That’s three workdays in a freaking row that there’s been an accident on this road. This one was particularly bad. Some (extremely redneck) guy was towing a piece of construction equipment. You know, one of those that looks like it probably serves some purpose, but you honestly couldn’t tell for the life of you what that might be. Anyway, the little trailor he had this beast on was apparently not quite up to handling something that heavy, because the wheels fell off the thing. So there the guy is, just standing there, staring at the thing that’s blocking an entire lane, scratching his head. And of course, this isn’t on the part of 820 that’s 4 lanes wide, no no, this occurs just right after a brilliant city planner decided that when building this highway, it would be a good idea to just compress it from 4 to 2 lanes. AARRRRRRGGGGH


But you know, as bad as the day’s started, I know at least it should end well. Me and Grace are gonna go do something tonight we both greatly enjoy. Eat cow. Yum.

Enjoy the preview, and see ya’ll later.


Hey gang. I’m sick.

Massive amounts of congestion in my head and chest. I’m goin’ up to CareNow later today. Actually, it’s a pretty cool thing. You can actually go through the “Check-in” procedure online. (Click here) Then they call you to confirm your check in, and then when they’re ready for you, they call you home again, and then you can just drive up there and go right in. So you don’t have to sit in a waiting room forever, you can just wait at your house. Very good idea.

I finally tried Potbelly last night, after being “encouraged” by Grace a bajillion times to do so, heh. Had the meatball sub. It was very good. If you haven’t had it yet, you should. Next time I go, I’m gettin either the Italian or A Wreck. They both sound yummy.

I also bought this new book: Clicky

It’s the second book of the nine-volume “Legacy of the Force” series, set 40 years after the events of Star Wars: A New Hope (That would be the original Star Wars movie if you aren’t sure). It’s really very good. I haven’t read anything by this author before, but she seems to know what she’s doing. Makes me want to check out her other novel. I know Andy is the only one who’d be interested in reading it, but he needs to be spending all his free time leveling his Orc Warrior. BACK TO WORK, SLACKER! Heh heh heh….

However, the third volume in this series (CLICKY) I am somewhat less excited about. Why? Because it’s written by Troy Denning. I cannot STAND this guy. At all. He’s probably the worst Star Wars writer I’ve seen since R.A. Salvatore. Borderline incomprehensible stuff. The first book of his I ever read was Star by Star and I’ve developed a big distaste for his work since. I don’t know who gives him the artistic liscence to do what he does to plots, but it’s atrocious and he needs to be stopped. The worst part is they keep giving him stuff to write. He’s responsible for Tatooine Ghost and the Dark Next Trilogy. Horrible, all of them. This is the guy who wrote the book where Anakin Solo dies, completely botches the attitude and mindset of both Han and Leia’s relation ship and Grand Admiral Thrawn, and completely throws away the characters created in the New Jedi Order as the love interests of the Solo twins. Hey, Troy? YOU SUCK! Yet, I’ll still buy Tempest, because I’ve got this hope he won’t make it suck. Oh well. I’ve got til November 28th.

Okay, so I still need to see Superman Returns and Snakes on a Plane. Surely SOMEONE wants to go see those with me. SOMEONE. Give me a call or leave me a comment and let’s make it happen.

Oh and when Transformers and Spider-Man 3 come out, you can bet I’m gonna be in line to see them at the midnight showings. For those movies, I don’t CARE if I have to see them alone!

Aight, signing off for now. Later everyone.


You know what I cannot wait to hear someone say again?

“There’s no ‘I’ in team”.

Because when they do, I’ve got the absolute perfect return line for them.

“Yeah? Well there’s no ‘U’ in team, either. So if I’m not on the team, and you’re not on the team, then nobody’s on the freaking team! The team SUCKS!”

Of course I haven’t heard someone say that line in a long time, but man, when they do, ZING! Gonna be sweet.

You know what? I’ve decided I’m not going to be apologetic about the technology and media that I’m interested in, because in my core heart of hearts, I don’t believe it is “who I am” or anything like that. It’s just something I enjoy. Now if it was obviously contrary to the character of God and the new life in me, there would be a problem there.

But this is the stuff I like, that I enjoy, that I know, and all that. These ingrained likes aren’t something I just conjured up, they were put in me by God when He created me. I’m extremely tired of being told that’s a bad thing. You think it’s a problem? Take it up with God.

Did you know Satan hates pleasure? He HATES for us to feel good. Even when we feel good as a result of sin, he HATES that. He just uses it because it’s an easy way to keep us enthralled by sin. Think about how furious he must be when we’re just in absolute bliss being so intimately close to God. Something random God whispered to me today. Thought I’d share, cause I thought it was kind of cool.

Okay, lunchtime. I should probably actually eat. Though tonight I’m eating all-you-can-eat ribs at Sammie’s BBQ. Gonna be TASTY. Randy Oxley (family friend) has an almost legendary reputation for being able to put a ton of ribs away. We have a sort of unofficial eating costest every time we go there, and no one’s ever taken him. We’ll see how it goes this time, but I ain’t going to be the one who takes him.

I wonder…hey Grace, think you could do it?? It would be awesome to watch him get beaten by a small asian girl. Heh heh heh….okay bye!

My most recent xanga post…

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Hey everyone, guess what. I’m actually back to a fairly regular update schedule here so you can start reading and commenting again!!

Saw my dad and brother this past weekend. Garrett’s birthday was this weekend so we had dinner at Pasados. Those are some DARN good fajitas. Try it sometime, but be warned, they are a little on the pricey side. We’re actually going to play paintball this saturday. I haven’t been paintballing since the days of the Knights of St. Grenado. We usually played Halo 2 more than paintball, but occasionally we felt the need to get all camo’d up, grab some guns and go shoot each other. Masculine fun at it’s finest. Should be even more fun with Dad and Garrett. Hope I don’t suck too badly.

Work is so horribly boring. I actually forgot to set my alarm this morning and woke up (or rather, was woken up) at around 7am, which is usually when I like to be leaving. I managed to shower, get dressed, brush my teeth, and everything, all within 15 minutes. I made it to work on time. I couldn’t believe I pulled it off. I mean, it wasn’t even close really, I had like 7 minutes to spare. So of course I come in all full of adrenaline and stuff, cause I’m all panicking about being late to work, and so I sit down, ready to rock, and today has been sooooooooooooooo sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow……I’m sitting here waiting for people to send me back pricing information on parts, and it seems like they’re taking forever. And I can’t really do anything until I get that. I had some left over from yesterday and a little bit more come in this morning, but I’ve placed all the orders that pricing info affected, and now I’m stuck waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiting. I’ve already placed 7 orders today (my average is usually 4-5).

It’s bad when you have to resort to rubber band wars with your coworkers to alleviate your boredom.

The worst of it is coming, because it’s almost 3:30 which is when almost everyone goes home. I still have to work another hour, and have very few people to talk to. Guuuuuh.

Anybody got any new music advice? I still have about 3/4ths of my Five Iron Frenzy collection I need to add to my iPod, and probably over half of Audio Adrenaline. I want something new to hear though. If you’ve got ideas, please, I’m open.

I still am very amused by the fact that my girlfriend is a lifeguard now. Not that she’s not capable of being a lifeguard, I know she is. But it’s like, one of those random stupid guy dreams to date that hot lifeguard. Probably Baywatch’s fault. Yes, once upon a time I watched Baywatch. I admit it. I was young and foolish.

Okay, gonna post this one for the day. See you all tomorrow perchance.