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Houston Vacation!

Hey gang.

I’m back from my little trip up to Houston. Had a ball. I miss the Butlers so much. In fact I’m missing em right now.

We drove out to Holland’s family’s farm house, where we brainstormed and got some ideas for our next worship project, shot a bunch of David’s WW2 replica guns (I think one of them might be authentic? I dunno, correct me if I’m wrong here, D.), and took some cool band style photos! Can’t go wrong with that.

Anyway, after we got back Saturday night, we went to church the next morning, saw Iron Man (2nd time for me) and then began recording the stuff we’d put together on Friday and Saturday, mostly just to send to Peugh so he can brainstorm off of it. And no, you can’t hear it, so don’t ask :-P. Oh yeah, and we watched School of Rock after that. Which, by the way, is an excellent movie, and you should see it at first opportunity.

I headed back early this morning, played a bit of WoW, that sort of thing. But then I got one of the more infuriating experiences I’ve had to deal with in the game. More on that later.

For now, some PHOTOS!

Oh, and we also have a couple of Videos for your watching enjoyment! Don’t worry, they’re blanks.

This first one is an epic gun battle of Truett versus me and David. Early on, I dive down to get some cover, and off camera, get shot. Afterwards though, well…just watch.

Next up, I ambush Holland and Dave! Excitement! Thrills! Gunshots!

I just want to say thanks to Holland and Dave for putting me and Truett up for the weekend. Love you both, and I can’t wait to see ya again!

Okay, so, I log in to my WoW characters, just to see if I got any mail, anything like that, and to say hi to everyone in the guild. While I’m playing my mage, however, I get a message in game from one of the Game Masters, Blizzard employees who monitor the game from within and help solve problems people have. The message is telling me that one of my characters has violated the “naming restrictions”.

To let you know, my three level 70 characters, and the ones I play the most, are as follows:
Dahkar – Level 70 Troll Mage
Oldmanfranks – Level 70 Tauren Druid
Nihl – Level 70 Blood Elf Warlock

Oldmanfranks USED to have a different name. Before I moved servers, his name was Grothi. I changed it to Oldmanfranks when I moved to my new guild so that people would recognize me as the guy who does the Old Man Franks segments on Extralife Radio and occasionally the Instance.
Blizzard’s naming rules are usually pretty lax, just don’t name anything a swear word, or some other offensive term is about it. However, the server I’m on is an “RP server. RP is short for Role-Playing. It’s a server for people who want to basically “act” like their character would act if he were real. However, most people completely ignore this and just play the game like they would play any other, and don’t “act” in it.

RP Servers, however, have more stringent character naming standards. You have to name your character something that “fits” in the world. So something like “Pwnsauce” or “Technotron” or anything like that would probably not work.

I guess some idiot decided that Oldmanfranks wasn’t “RP”- enough, because they reported me to the game masters, and now I’ve got to rename Oldmanfranks to something else. I considered renaming him something like “Oldmanfrankz” just to piss the RP weenie that reported me off, but in the end, I just went back to his original name, Grothi.

What pisses me off is that Role-playing is not enforced on the server, so why in God’s name do they have to have the Double-standard of enforcing naming conventions if they aren’t going to actually enforce role-playing? It makes ZERO sense to have one without the other, and that, more than anything, is what irritates me about this.

And what’s really stupid is that the next thing I did after changing my Druid’s name was to make a new character with the name Oldmanfranks. Again, what’s the point, Blizzard? What is the freaking point? I liked that name, and because some weirdo RP kid got all upset that my name isn’t “a real name you’d see if Azeroth was real”, I have to deal with the consequences? That’s about as epic a fail as I’ve seen.

Ah well…I’ll catch ya’ll later.


Wolverine and The X-Men

Hrmm, another new X-Men cartoon, but this one from a very different perspective. The telepaths (Professor X and Jean Grey) have all vanished, the X-Men disband, and Wolverine has to put the team back together while keeping them on the run from what looks to be a very agressive new round of anti-mutant sanctions.

The animation style looks nearly-exactly like X-Men: Evolution, though the voice cast looks to be completely different, which isn’t bad. No idea if this is supposed to be a follow-on series to X-Men: Evolution, either. I highly doubt it’s the same universe/timeline, though.

I’m really not keen on the idea of hem turning Cyclops all emo/depressed (one the stupidest things X-Men: The Last Stand ever did) or the idea of making Rogue evil. Unfortunately, like many have said, Cyke HAS to be all depressed and unwilling to fight for Wolvie to have any reason to be the leader, and thus the focal point of the show. I suppose we’ll see how it goes. Might be good. Probably would be an excellent DVD to own, especially if they make it an ongoing serial storyline like it appears to be.

On the other hand, the Iron Man movie trailer, which hopefully you saw during the Super Bowl, looks freaking FANTASTIC. Can’t wait for that film.

Ain’t seen it yet? Go here!

Code Monkey like Chili Cheese Fritos, actually

The song is called “Code Monkey” by Jonathan Coulton. For the past year, Jonathan Coulton has released a song every week through his fabulous Thing A Week podcast. He makes his songs available via the Creative Commons license, which enables projects such as this video. Go to for more

The video is made from composite images and animations in World of Warcraft by Mike “Spiff” Booth, program manager at Adobe. And it’s fantastic

Look up user “Spiffworld” on Youtube for more Spiff videos of Jonathan Coulton songs made using WoW.

David has himself a nice job in Houston, which is proving to be stressful on him, so lets pray for the guy, eh?

Work is going okay for me, been at training the past 2.5 days and thus completely away from my desk. So I played catch up all afternoon, which was painful in its own way.

Went to Waco this past weekend. I’m going to be a groomsman in Chris Stone’s wedding. And probably something in Josh’s wedding, though what exactly he doesn’t have set in stone (heh). Which is very cool. Had an absolute blast. The Nintendo Wii is hugely fun. Even my Mom wants to play it. Which is very weird, as she never plays video games. The Street Fighter comics are beautiful pieces of work and I want the Ultimate Collection. Go watch that video again!