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Listenin’ to some classics today…I added all my Supertones CDs to my iPod last night because I couldn’t sleep. Drunk neighbors were having some kind of outside party. You’d think I’d be used to that from college, but I guess not.

I remember a lot of things back in those days. I remember gettin’ Chase the Sun in my stocking one Christmas. I remember David getting me Loud and Clear one year for my birthday…or was it Christmas? I don’t remember what it was for. I remember listening to Hi-Fi Revival in the car with Anne and being keenly disappointed in it. I got Superchick’s Last One Picked that same day. I remember how excited David and I were about Revenge, cause it was supposed to be a return to the classic Supertones.

I listen to some of this stuff now and I still love it. I still don’t care for the majority of Hi-Fi Revival (Supafly is the most hugely overrated song the ‘Tones ever put out), but there’s some good on it, like “Just a Man”, “Go Your Way”, and the best song on that CD, “Glory Hallelujah”. I dunno if consider Revenge an overall good album or not. Don’t get me wrong, there’s great tracks on there: “Wake Me Up On Time” and “We Shall Overcome”, the two most popular tracks on the CD, are good stuff. I still maintain that “Where I Find You” is the best song, and “Cult of Cool” is what I like to call my guilty pleasure of the album. I know it’s not the most stylistically ska song, but it’s still one of those “rock out against the corrupt marketing establishment” songs that make me cheer. I think since reading “The Marketing of Evil” (which you should all read if you want to find out how America has become so accepting of blatant sin) it’s given me a new appreciation for it.

I’ve been told by so many people that “Chase the Sun” is their favorite Supertones album ever, and I still don’t understand why. It’s got some really great classic songs (“Grounded”, “Old Friend”, “Health and Wealth”, “Fade Away”, and “Revolution” all immediately spring to mind), but a lot of the album isn’t all that good. “Away From You” is probably the second most overrated Supertones song ever. The title track is decent, but doesn’t measure up to what the ‘Tones can (and have) put out. I think that’s pretty much what you can say for all of the remaining tracks. Not bad, but not “Tones quality good. The album just doesn’t compare to the awesomeness of Supertones Strike Back or Loud and Clear.

Speaking of Loud and Clear, I don’t care WHAT anyone says, I still think “What it Comes To” is a great song.

My favorite Supertones album? Supertones Strike Back. Always will be. Never can go wrong with the classics. Not a bad track on the whole CD.

I”m going to see Anne this weekend, yay. Spending the weekend at her camp she’s working at should be a blast. Now I just have to make it through the rest of this week!

Later guys


Paintball Saturday

So, paintball. Man was it fun.

Seriously, can you imagine anything more manly than getting dressed in long sleeve shirts and pants in 90+ degree texas heat with a hot mask and a heavy gun, going out into areas which range from grassland-esque to heavily wooded and unloading solidified balls of paint on each other at high velocities?

Because I sure as heck can’t think of a better way for a father and his two sons to bond. WOOO!

When we got there, they split all the walk-ons (people who didn’t register in a big group) into beginners and advanced. The advanced guys are seriously hardcore players, which apparently my dad and brother fall into. Of course, Dad and Garrett DO have their own guns (Dad actually has two, I borrowed his semi-auto for the day, he used his full auto), so it’s probably a true classification. I ended up going with them, feeling for sure I was gonna be verrrry bruised when I walked out. But it wasn’t any worse than usual. We actually talked about getting the staff to do a HUGE game of all advanced (about 15-20) vs. all beginners (easily more than 50) but it never materialized.

We played a total of four games, two rounds each. After game two, I got a little underhydrated, so I sat game three out just to be safe. I was already getting shot at, didn’t need to add puking to my day. Let’s recount how they all ended.

Game 1, round 1: Ended for me when I took a paintball to my right shoulder. I assumed it broke, but when I walked off the field, I noticed that it actually hadn’t, so I could have stayed in. Ah well. Got a nice bruise from that one.
Game 1, round 2: Side switch up. This one ended for me when I took a shot on my left wrist. The gloves I was wearing took most of the brunt, but the ball did break, so I had to get out. No bruise, barely felt that one.
Game 2, round 1: We moved to a different field, and where I found myself positioned, I was having trouble keeping my balance, so I wasn’t prepared and wasn’t keeping an eye on my surroundings. I took two shots, one on the top of my head, and one on the upper right thigh….reaaaaaally close to…well, I’m sure you can guess. Still have a knot on my head, but the thigh shot actually didn’t bruise. It didn’t even really hurt after a second, I think it was mostly the shock of how close it came to my groin.
Game 2, round 2: I did really well this round. We all swapped guns for this round. I took Garrett’s semi (which was really accurate and easier to hold in my opinion), Garrett took Dad’s auto, and Dad used the semi that I was using (I was having some trouble with that one, it wasn’t firing well). Managed to take one guy out with a range shot. Ended when I got a shot on my left arm, just right below where it connects with the shoulder, and another on the left side of my chest. Both bruised.
Game 3: I sat out and talked to one of the other guys we were playing with. Kid was a bit of a pyro.
Game 4, round 1: I did fairly well this game too. I couldn’t tell if I directly eliminated anyone, but I kept supressing fire going high, so my team could move up and make the killshots.. Took a shot on the gun this round, in the hopper (the chamber that stores the paint balls). I was actually using my brother’s gun for this game, because he sat it out. He was exhausted after game three, so he stood buy and took photos of me and Dad. Once he gets them scanned, I’ll get him to email them to me and put them on my blog(s).
Game 4, round 2: I would have done good this game as well, but unfortunately, Garrett’s gun ran out of CO2, so I had to take myself out midgame. Crappy way to end the day, but it happens.

Well, that was my paintball day. After that we went back to Dad’s, had some hamburgers and watched a Blue Collar Comedy special on the Comedy Channel. Man those are great.

Happy 23rd birthday goes out to the man himself, David Butler. Hope you’re enjoying it!

Later everyone!

Okay, the Blogger is reborn!

Aighty, so as you can see, I made some changes around here. Don’t have a new profile pic, but I’ll fix that soon enough. Anyway, what’s going to happen here is that I’m essentially going to mirror my xanga, so I’ll have the same posts, just in two different places. If you want, leave comments here, because you don’t have to be registered to comment (like you do with xanga.)

Anyway, hope you like the new layout!

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Hey everyone, guess what. I’m actually back to a fairly regular update schedule here so you can start reading and commenting again!!

Saw my dad and brother this past weekend. Garrett’s birthday was this weekend so we had dinner at Pasados. Those are some DARN good fajitas. Try it sometime, but be warned, they are a little on the pricey side. We’re actually going to play paintball this saturday. I haven’t been paintballing since the days of the Knights of St. Grenado. We usually played Halo 2 more than paintball, but occasionally we felt the need to get all camo’d up, grab some guns and go shoot each other. Masculine fun at it’s finest. Should be even more fun with Dad and Garrett. Hope I don’t suck too badly.

Work is so horribly boring. I actually forgot to set my alarm this morning and woke up (or rather, was woken up) at around 7am, which is usually when I like to be leaving. I managed to shower, get dressed, brush my teeth, and everything, all within 15 minutes. I made it to work on time. I couldn’t believe I pulled it off. I mean, it wasn’t even close really, I had like 7 minutes to spare. So of course I come in all full of adrenaline and stuff, cause I’m all panicking about being late to work, and so I sit down, ready to rock, and today has been sooooooooooooooo sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow……I’m sitting here waiting for people to send me back pricing information on parts, and it seems like they’re taking forever. And I can’t really do anything until I get that. I had some left over from yesterday and a little bit more come in this morning, but I’ve placed all the orders that pricing info affected, and now I’m stuck waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiting. I’ve already placed 7 orders today (my average is usually 4-5).

It’s bad when you have to resort to rubber band wars with your coworkers to alleviate your boredom.

The worst of it is coming, because it’s almost 3:30 which is when almost everyone goes home. I still have to work another hour, and have very few people to talk to. Guuuuuh.

Anybody got any new music advice? I still have about 3/4ths of my Five Iron Frenzy collection I need to add to my iPod, and probably over half of Audio Adrenaline. I want something new to hear though. If you’ve got ideas, please, I’m open.

I still am very amused by the fact that my girlfriend is a lifeguard now. Not that she’s not capable of being a lifeguard, I know she is. But it’s like, one of those random stupid guy dreams to date that hot lifeguard. Probably Baywatch’s fault. Yes, once upon a time I watched Baywatch. I admit it. I was young and foolish.

Okay, gonna post this one for the day. See you all tomorrow perchance.

4b0u7 t3h 4u7h0rz0rs!!

Hey guys, I’m Brandon, and thanks for checkin’ out my blog, and even more thanks for checkin’ out this little page.

Background’s simple. I’m a Fort Worth, TX native. I attended North Crowley High School, graduated in 2001. Met my best friend David there. Ultimately his friendship and honest devotion to God was a big influence on my life, culminating on my acceptance of Jesus Christ as both my savior and owner of my life on September 15th, 1999. Graduated Baylor University in December 2005, with a B.S. in Computer Science. While there I was a very active member of Antioch Community Church. Met my other best friend there, Josh. He helped me deepen my relationship with the Lord by example, and occasionally by brute force, heh. I played in BU’s marching band for 2 years as well.

I’m a geek, I know it, and I like it that way. My specific geek interests include technology, gadgets, video games, programming, and science fiction. This particular blog entry describes pretty well why I enjoy those things, and below you can see what I call my “nerd stuff” slideshow, a graphical representation of all the things that make me a geek.

I’m quite proud of my computer. She’s a Dual core Athlon 64 4200, Asus Mobo, Dual nVidia 7600GT, 400gig HD, 1 gig Corsair DDR Ram, ABS case powerhouse with a pair of Viewsonic 19in widescreen LCD monitors, Saitek Eclipse Keyboard, and a Logitech X-230 sound system.

I play World of Warcraft pretty regularly, and if you browse through the archives around here, you can see a lot of screenshots I’ve posted. If you wanna look me up, I’m on the Mug’thol (U.S.) server, on the Horde side. Look up Dahkar, a level 70 troll mage.

I know I ask ya’ll to leave comments on the blog a lot. It’s not because I want constant affirmation, I’m just genuinely curious who’s reading this thing, and I can’t tell that unless you leave me a comment or two.

I don’t link to something on this site unless I think it’s worth your time and that you’ll like it. This blog is hardly big enough to warrant me selling advertising, after all. Give em’ a checking out.

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