Twin Display action. For clean, close shave, every time!

I like my computer. It has issues occasionally, sure, but on the whole, it’s a darn good machine, one I’ve been very happy with.

I’ve never had a monitor as big as mine now, at 19″. And really, I never knew how cool it was until I got mine. I mean, I had a huge amount of space to work with here. A maximized window on this screen looks huge, and it’s caused me problems sometimes with formatting stuff in my blog here. I’ll seem to have plenty of space to post a big picture on this screen, but when I view it on a more standard size monitor, the picture will be much bigger and push down my profile information to WAAAY below all the posts (on Conflagration) or make it so you have to horizontally scroll over to view the whole pic and consequently the rest of the post (on Xanga). I don’t like that, it annoys me to have to be constantly doing that on any website, so on my own that I take some amount of pride in, I can’t have it. So I had to get used to checking it on smaller resolutions to make sure that didn’t happen, and make pics into thumbnails if it did.

Have you ever taken a look at your video card? Check the back of your PC and look at the exterior of it. If you’re not sure which part it is, basically check to see what your monitor cable is plugged in to. You might see that you have 2 slots on that card and wonder why. Well, that’s so you can plug in a second monitor. And if you do that, you can basically have an extra monitor space. I’ve seen people at work who have a laptop dock with a second monitor connected to it, so they can use both the laptop screen and the monitor. I’ve always wanted to try this out.

So…I did. And holy CRAP is it awesome. Click this bad boy

I got the same model monitor as my original monitor, on sale at It came in on Friday, and I was muchly eager to hook this up and start having 2 desktops.

However it seems as though God decided to give me another healthy dose of “Strength through adversity”. Because after several long hours of trying to configure my desktop settings, my second monitor was doing nothing but sitting there receiving no signal from my card.

So finally I just decided to step away from it, metaphorically speaking. Needing to let go of some frustration, I fired up World of Warcraft. My primary monitor worked fine, after all. So I got on, and a guild mate by the name of Tharduk (real name Mike) asked me to group with him and 3 other people I didn’t know for a dungeon called the Shadow Labyrinth. I agreed. Now, bear in mind, I’ve completed Shadow Labyrinth several times before. I know what to expect, what the strategies are for each encounter. It’s a difficult dungeon, but it can be done with some work.

We did not fare well. We completely wiped out (meaning all of the group died) many many times, and when we got to the final boss, we could not finish him. I had to pay numerous amounts of in game gold to repair my armor. And somewhere in the midst of the frustration which I had only begin playing to escape in the first place, I realized I had forgotten to eat dinner. Sigh.

It was about midnight when we finally decided we could not kill this last boss, so I logged out and went in search of some dinner. Jack in the Box, I knew, was open that late, and I hadn’t had that in a while. So I go and get a Sourdough Jack and a couple of their tacos. Being VERY hungry as you can well imagine, I tried to eat the tacos while driving home. Normally this is not a difficult task, I’ve gotten rather adept at it, mostly during college. However, these tacos were bound and determined not to cooperate with me. The result? I have hot sauce from the tacos all over my shirt and my mouth, the latter of which is now burningly hot.

Brandon is not happy. And he is still not able to get that monitor working.

I log back into WoW to see if Andy is online, perhaps he has some idea as to how to fix this. He’s not, but one of my fellow Mages in the guild is, a guy with the character name Flocker. I know Flocker pretty well, he’s a smart guy, and I know that like me, he is something of a computer afficionado. So I ask him for advice. I describe my problem and what exactly’s happening, and he seems convinced the issue is with my video card drivers. I have my doubts about this, because I was certain I had updated them as part of my previous attempts, but I headed online and found the latest drivers, uninstalled the old ones, and installed away.

And lo and behold, it works now. I have double the desktop space I did before. I don’t know why my previous update didn’t do the trick, but here we are. Very sweet.

Here’s a couple of pictures of me from last weekend in Waco. The first is of me and Josh, the second me and Richard Walter. I would have one of me and Chris Stone, but he doesn’t want his picture taken when he doesn’t have his goatee, which he can’t wear on account of his job. Which sucks. The whole pre-conceived notion that people have that facial hair doesn’t look professional is probably one of the more stupid things I think exist today. I suppose it would make sense for the food service industry, but anywhere else, if I had an prospective employer tell me that I would have to shave if I were to be hired, I’d be a lot less willing to work for them. Thankfully it’s not something I have to deal with at Bell. Sorry, kinda ranted there for a bit. Here’s the pics!

Church tomorrow! And I suppose I should be at the raid tomorrow as well, I skipped today’s to have lunch with Nan, Uncle Mike, Tammy, and Ryan. I hadn’t seen them in quite a while, and besides, Red Lobster is good stuff.

Workin’ at Plant 5 is going well, though rumors are constantly swirling around that we’re all gonna move back to Hurst, which would make the entire move and shuffling of people completely unnecessary in the first place. Someone didn’t plan very well when they decided to do this. At this point, though I’m still caught up in that awkward learning point of not really being sure how to handle a majority of my new duties that come with buying a new commodity, I frankly like working at 5 a lot. We have our own little area, away from the polictics and other crap of the upper management, we all get along good and have some fun while working, and being able to go out and get food from nearby restaraunts is a big plus. I likes me sammiches that I bring, but it’s nice to have variety too, and Bell cafeterias aren’t exactly in the tasty department. My own personal feelings aside, I don’t think it makes any sort of sense to move us back, for a lot of reasons. Guess Monday will bring some answers. I hope!

Okay, time to read some. Night.

    • godzwarrior
    • March 3rd, 2007

    wow have you seen its asearchable database of WoW chars and more taken straight from bliz databases. very interesting

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