"Tomorrow we wake up in a different world" – Really? Does that mean I don’t have to work anymore?

Yeah, I know, way overdue for a blogpost. Sorry guys, heh.

Hasn’t been much going on lately though. Obviously there’s been a lot going on today.

Yeah, Barack Obama’s our new president. I don’t think anyone’s surprised by that. We all knew it was coming, really.

What I am truly shocked over is the number of people who are seriously going nuts over this. I’m reading twitters from people who are seriously crying because Barack Obama won.



I seriously cannot believe that. Over a POLITICAL decision. Are people really buying into the insane hype this man has generated? Have you guys learned nothing from history? Politicians NEVER live up to their promises. Somebody please tell me a president in this recent generation who hasn’t completely failed to live up to the expectations we all had for them. There isn’t one. Not Bush (either of them), not Clinton, not Reagen, not Carter, Ford, none.

I don’t care. Finally, it’s over. We can move on and just wait for people to realize that this guy isn’t perfect either. We’ve reached the apex of the stupid political hatred. Now can we please tumble down the other side, quickly? I’d like to get on with my life, like we all will, like we all would if McCain had won, or Barr, or whoever else ran.

    • Josh
    • November 13th, 2008

    You know, I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned your most recent development here. Seriously man, you should definitely shout it out! :)Talk to you later1

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